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07 Nov 2019

What's in season guide

The what's in season guide for the summer season


The warmth of summer brings out our love for freshness and outdoor dining. Luckily the season delivers, with a wide range of fruits, vegetables and other ingredients bursting with great flavours and demanding a bit of punch. Not only will your customers love a taste of summer, but making use of the lower prices of what's in season means the benefits can be in your pocket as well as on the plate. From zucchini, to duck, to tropical fruit, here's how we'd bring summer's best to life.

1. Duck

Sweet flavours work perfectly with duck. Try a sticky cherry and orange sauce drizzled over duck breast, or pair plump lychees with chilli and green beans in a fiery red duck curry. Balance the richness with some Chinese greens and gai lan on the side.

2. Mexican

Mexican food was made for hot weather. Pair tacos with pulled pork and fresh lettuce, spring onions, a hint of chilli and a healthy serve of guacamole made from Hass avocados for a crowd-pleasing starter.

Bake zucchini with corn, spring onion, coriander and cheese as a tasty side or serve grilled corn drizzled with lime.

3. Tropical Desserts

From pineapple upside-down cake and mango panna cotta to cherry clafoutis, passionfruit curd tart and banana bread, tropical fruits are delicious in so many desserts. Pile them high on a pavlova, chop them up in a fruit salad or glaze them on a tart. They’re also versatile - create sweet butter out of passionfruit and strawberries, use frozen bananas as a substitute for ice cream or pickle mangoes to last throughout the year. 

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