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MILKLAB Oat is a creamy alternative to dairy milk with exceptional texture and stretch.


What's in season Autumn 2023

The warmth of summer may linger over the next few months, encouraging us to enjoy the outdoor dining while we still can and there’s still plenty of tropical flavours still in season.


When will the Great Potato Famine End?

While Australian potato farmers have been struggling with the weather as a result of extreme flooding, delaying the planting of new crops, farmers are recovering as the La Nina ends…


Health and wellbeing

Awareness can help … Simply allowing yourself to talk about how you’re feeling can make a difference.


Whats hot Autumn 2023

Everyone loves a share plate but they’ve long been the domain of red meat and vegetables. With seacuterie now on the rise, seafood is now being pickled, smoked and preserved, ready for share plates.


The Instagrammable Kitchen

Instagram is a great way to showcase your business and engage with customers. Here’s how five businesses get the most from this free tool:


13 Questions with Daniel Hawkins

1. Why did you decide to become a chef? I was attracted to kitchen life. It’s a hard-working place that’s challenging both physically and emotionally.


Easy Easter promotional ideas

Make the most of the opportunity by catering to everyone no matter what they’re age with these … five ideas:


True cost of food

The direct cost of each dish … Simply put this is the cost of all the ingredients that go into each dish.


Health and wellbeing (cont).

Ditch old school training … While it might have been how you were trained, the traditional approach where an angry chef shouts at overworked junior staff is outdated.


Try This: Smoking

You can still smoke in the kitchen with new techniques, flavoursome rubs and a little imagination. Here are four things to know when smoking.


Best of 5: Chocolate

Easter is the perfect time to indulge in chocolate and if you’re going to cook with chocolate then do it with the best. Here are five of the finest quality chocolates available now.


The Zero Waste Kitchen

Plus, as customers become more ethically minded, many are now choosing to spend at venues that are operating in a more sustainable way.


Throwback: Easter food memories

Seafood is the food of choice for Easter so this year why not try something different and serve oysters with a twist from the past.


13 Questions with Daniel Ryan

1. Why did you decide to become a chef? From an early age, I cooked with my mother and we’d eat out a lot as a family and experience different foods.


How to host an epic summer function

Keep your cool … If you’re hosting functions inside, controlling the temperature in the dining room and the kitchen is critical.


Amuse Bouche

Some restaurants are taking the head to tail trend to the extreme, and Noma, the two-Michelin star restaurant in Copenhagen, is leading the way.


What's in season guide

The what's in season guide for the summer season … The warmth of summer brings out our love for freshness and outdoor dining.

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