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07 Nov 2019

When will the Great Potato Famine End?

Everyone’s favourite side dish in short supply

Everyone's favourite side dish of hot chips providing to be the bane of every food suppliers and restaurants' lives as the Australian potato shortage continues. 

While Australian potato farmers have been struggling with the weather as a result of extreme flooding, delaying the planting of new crops, farmers are recovering as the La Nina ends, however it the processed frozen chips that are providing to be difficult to get your hands on.


Unfortunately, frozen chips are going to continue to be hards to come by for the rest of the year 

Because potatoes are a  set season crop they need approximately four to five months to appear out of the ground, and with the recent flooding in Victoria, South Australia and Tasmania it has been difficult for farmers to manage the crops that were already planted, as well as near impossible to harvest, So, as a result there have been significant delays in getting new crops planted. And as well know, this has a flow on affect for the frozen product. While it easier to now purchase fresh potatoes the delay still remains fro the beloved frozen varieties.


If its any consolation, Europe are also suffering from a potato famine, however due to drought, so Aussies are not alone.


Hang in there and rest assured Cadell Food Service will do everything it can to provide all our customers with the frozen spud products they require to provide your clients with their favorite frozen vegetable. 

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