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07 Nov 2019

Health and wellbeing

Plus a Summer Survivor Guide

Our industry can be incredibly stressful - long hours, hot working conditions and time away from family can all lead to fatigue or even depression. During the lead up to the silly season, each pressure point is being pushed to its extreme. While it may feel relentless, it’s important both for you and your business to find ways to try and relieve the stress, and take care of yourself whenever you can.


Awareness can help

Simply allowing yourself to talk about how you’re feeling can make a difference. Whether you speak to your family, or open up at work, being able to vent your frustrations will help not just you but also those you work with. After all, most of your staff are probably feeling the same way and may appreciate the opportunity to express what they’re going through as well. 



Know your limits

It’s not uncommon to lean on things that make us feel worse in an attempt to feel better when we’re down. Whether it’s alcohol, food or something else, these vices can become a crutch. If you know this is an issue for you or some of your staff, you can make small changes that help. Look at meal and shift times to see if they can be any more ‘family friendly’, or encourage people to head home rather than going out for a drink at the end of their shift. 



Give yourself a break

While we know it’s easier said than done, no one can work 24/7 without a break. Even if you’re only able to find an hour, make it valuable - go for a jog or take your kids to the park. That small break can make all the difference to your headspace and keep you motivated. 

While you won’t be able to eliminate the pressure of the Christmas season, you can at least take some comfort in knowing that you’ll get through it. 




Keeping cool in the kitchen on a sweltering day isn’t easy. These three tips will help you carry on, in good health, through the silly season:

1. Drink plenty of water

We all know that drinking water is important, but it’s essential when working long hours in front of a hot stove. Keep a water bottle handy, crush some ice into it and keep track of how often you refill so you know exactly how hydrated you are. 

2. Wear an undershirt

If you wear a thick chef’s jacket, they can quickly become stifling in the heat. A sweat-absorbent top, like the ones joggers wear, are designed to keep you cool and comfortable even when it’s sweltering. 

3. Keep your head on

A lot of heat is released from our head, so it’s important to give it somewhere to escape to. While shaving your head is ideal, it’s not practical for everyone. Avoid wearing a chef’s hat or tying your hair back too tight, give it some space to breathe. Also consider using bandanas or sweat bands if you tend to perspire a lot. Even a tea towel that’s been chilling in the cool-in can bring the temperature down.

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