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10 Mar 2020

What's in season Autumn 2023

The warmth of summer may linger over the next few months, encouraging us to enjoy the outdoor dining while we still can and there’s still plenty of tropical flavours still in season. But shorter days and cooling evenings hint at the weather to come. At this time we start to look for warmth and richness in our food, making the most of the new season root vegetables, beans, apples and pears in the form of curries, puddings and soups.

1. Curries

As the weather starts to cool it’s the perfect time to cook up a curry. Go vegetarian with sweet potato and okra curry, smoky eggplant or feed the masses with a free curry featuring Asian greens. For something a bit different try lamb, quince and saffron tagine or snow crab with nashi and ginger.

2. Puddings

Whether it’s a simple apple and raspberry crumble or lemon delicious, autumn is a good season to feed your sweet tooth. Take a traditional approach with persimmon pudding, give your menu a tropical twist with mango and rambutan crumble or go Egyptian with a nutty pharaoh’s pudding.

3. Soups

Winter is just around the corner, so start stocking the freezer with hearty soups. Classics like potato and leek are always a crowd-pleaser while adventurous diners will enjoy Lebanese dumplings in a yoghurt and silverbeet soup or a chicken and daikon soup with Asian greens and shallots.

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