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18 Feb 2020

Health and wellbeing (cont).

When your kitchen is busy it can be challenging to think about new ways to create a positive work environment but it shouldn’t be left on the back-burner. A healthy workplace can increase productivity, reduce turnover and make it a much happier place for everyone to be.


Ditch old school training

While it might have been how you were trained, the traditional approach where an angry chef shouts at overworked junior staff is outdated. To build confidence and skills quickly, look at how you can upskill your staff differently. This may involve putting in place some structured training, offering online references or having a buddy system that gives new hires extra support as they’re learning the ropes. By training staff well and respectfully you can increase productivity and retain them for longer.



Use online tools

Communication is key in the kitchen but it’s also important outside of it. Save yourself time and build team camaraderie by using an app to send out updates, share experiences or even remember important events like birthdays. Whether you use a generic app like WhatsApp or Facebook groups or something industry-specific like 7Shifts, improving communication is a great way to keep everyone engaged.



Show gratitude

Everyone is happier when they feel appreciated and there are so many ways that you can show gratitude to your staff. Whether it’s just saying thank you, providing small rewards for good work or giving a gift for someone who’s gone above and beyond, showing people you notice their hard work will go a long way. While a simple thank you can be said in private, demonstrating your gratitude in front of the broader group can also inspire others in your team and give them pride in their workplace.



Looking for more ideas about how to improve staff morale and performance?


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