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10 Aug 2023

Peeless Foods acquired Tangold Pastry Australia

Peeless Foods acquired Tangold Pastry Australia

Peerless Foods acquired Tangold Pastry Australia Business based in Victoria, Australia last November. This strategic acquisition provides for an extension of our current bakery ingredients range into the Bakery and Foodservice markets with high quality, ready-to-use bakery ingredients such as pastry rolls and shells as well as ready to bake croissants and Danish pastries.

Under the EOI Bakery range, the new products consist of ready-to-use frozen puff pastry rolls in a convenient 2 x 5kg format or a 10kg roll. Made with premium flour and EOI Perfex margarine, creating layers of high puff pastry with superior lift, they are ideal for pies, sausage rolls and pasties.


Baked and unbaked sweet short crust pastry shells are also new to our range. Packed into ready-to-use foils, made with high quality EOI Monarch vegetable margarine and premium Australian flour. Both options are vegan and available in multiple convenient sizes that are ideal for lemon, jam, custard, chocolate or caramel tarts, family fruit flans, or fruit mince pies with Christmas designed lids.


Finally in this ready-to-use range is our Large Danish square made with butter, so you can simply add your desired filling to create your own Danish style pastries.


Additionally, new to our range is the La Parisienne brand of frozen unbaked French style croissants, escargot and Danish pastries.  All made with butter the croissant range includes the choice of Large, Mini and  Euro-style sizes. The range of Danish pastries in mixed varietal cartons are light and flaky, filled with a creamy custard and topped with either apple, blueberry & apricot toppings in boat or square shapes.


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