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12026816 SOUP ASPARAGUS Maggi 1.8kg(6)@ MAGGI
00553 SOUP Chick Cream 420gm (12) HEINZ
106770 SOUP Chick Cream Maggi 2kg (6) MAGGI
106782 SOUP Chick Noodle Maggi 2kg(6 MAGGI
16644 SOUP Chick&Corn G/Free 2kg (6) MAGGI
12028305 SOUP Cream Celery Maggi 2kg(6) MAGGI
12026836 SOUP Creme Base Maggi 1.8kg(6) MAGGI
20251732 SOUP CUP A Chick Noodle 40gmx7 CONTI
20251754 SOUP CUP A Cream Chick 75gmx7 CONTI
20251733 SOUP CUP A Hearty Beef 55gmx7 CONTI
407642 SOUP CUP A Pea&Ham 2 Srvs x7@ CONTI
009224 SOUP CUP A Pumpkin Crm 75gmx7@ CONTI
20251735 SOUP CUP A Spring Veg 80gmx7 CONTI
20251756 SOUP CUP A Tomato 80gmx7@ CONTI
106740 SOUP French Onion Maggi 2kg(6 MAGGI
106767 SOUP Minestrone Maggi 1.8kg(6) MAGGI
VSMS1B SOUP MIX Trumps 1kg (6) TRUMP
12026954 SOUP Mush G/Free Mag 1.8kg (6) MAGGI
106761 SOUP Pea&Ham Maggi 1.9kg (6) MAGGI
12183692 SOUP Potato&Leek Maggi 2kg (6) MAGGI
16661 SOUP Pumpkin G/F 1.8kg (6) MAGGI
00570 SOUP Pumpkin Heinz 420gm (12) HEINZ
106777 SOUP Rich Beef&Veg 2kg (6) MAGGI
12184210 SOUP Scotch Broth 2kg@ MAGGI
106751 SOUP Spring Veg Maggi 1.9kg(6) MAGGI
02128012001 SOUP Tomato Ardmona 3.1kg (3) ARDMO
00735 SOUP Tomato BigRed 3kg(3) HEINZ
106780 SOUP TOMATO G/Free 2kg (6) MAGGI
00642 SOUP Tomato Heinz 420gm (24) HEINZ

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With warehouses in Echuca and Melbourne we can service a large area of Victoria and southern NSW.

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With an extensive range of over 4500 frozen, chilled and dry product lines and a buying power that is supported by the Countrywide National Network, this family owned and operated business servicing Central Victoria and the Melbourne area should be the first choice for all your Food Service needs.


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