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Pies, pasties & sausage rolls hero image
Pies, pasties & sausage rolls
1189-18-12 BYO Angus Beef Roll 18x160gm MRSMA PIVMU35 PIE MUSH/GRUYERE CHUN 50x35g@ PND
VAP150 PASTIE Armadillo 150g 40's@ R/BAK 0105532 PIE PETITE Lamb&Rosemary 48's CUSEL
1627-12-12 PASTIE Beef MrsMac 190g 12's MRSMA 33-1219-12-12 PIE Potato Top MrsMac 12's MRSMA
0126 PASTIE Classic 180gm 10's NAPIE 01230 PIE Steak Real Chunky 12x200gm 4'N'T
0128 PASTIE CornishM Meat 200gm12's NAPIE 01243 PIE Steak/Mush Chunky 12x200g@ 4'N'T
5141 PASTIE Pattie 24x175gm PATTI 01244 PIE Steak/Pepp Chunky 12x200g 4'N'T
0129 PASTIE Tandoori Veg 200gm 12's NAPIE 0102 PIE TINY  Beef&Mushoom 48x30g NAPIE
687 PASTIE VEGETABLE 12x175g@ HERBE 0104 PIE TINY Chick Cord Bleu48x30g NAPIE
1224 PIE ANGUS Beef 12x220gm 4'N'T 520 PIE Traveller Beef 24x160g 4'N'T
1226 PIE ANGUS Beef Ch/Bac 12x220g 4'N'T 0264 PIES Beef & Cheese 180gm 16's NAPIE
0100510 PIE Beef 4'N'20 175gx24's 4'N'T 0267 PIES Beef ''Chunky' 180g 16's NAPIE
0074 PIE Beef Chunky 220gm 12's@ T/BAK 0026 PIES Beef Classic 180gm 16's NAPIE
518 PIE Beef Halal Pattie 175gx24 4'N'T 0077 PIES Beef/Chse/Bac 220g 12's NAPIE
PIBRW35 PIE BEEF In Red Wine 50x35g@ PND 0282 PIES Beef/MushChunky 180g 16's NAPIE
655 PIE BEEF KING Island 12x210g@ HERBE 0076 PIES Beef/Pepper 220g 12's NAPIE
3971D PIE Beef Patties 175gx24's@ PATTI 0269 PIES Chick Curried 180gm 16's NAPIE
33-1034-24-12 PIE Beef Tradition MrsMac 24s MRSMA 0082 PIES Chick Curried 220gm 12's NAPIE
1064-12-12 PIE Beef/Mush MrsMac 200g 12's MRSMA 0079 PIES Chick/Camembet 220gm 12's NAPIE
PICC35 PIE BEEF/Pepper/Cheese 50x35g@ PND 0081 PIES Cottage 220gm 12's NAPIE
33-1156-12-12 PIE BYO Chic/Lek&Mush 12x240g MRSMA QUP101 QUICHE Spinach&Fetta G/F 42's@ GF4U
1603-12-12 PIE BYO Chick Butter 12x240g MRSMA 1108-18-12 SAUS BEEF ROLL ANGUS 18x140g@ MRSMA
1153-12-12 PIE BYO Steak Che&Bac 12x240g MRSMA 33-1220-24-12 SAUSAGE ROLL Giant MrsMac 24's MRSMA
1155-12-12 PIE BYO Steak Pepper 12x240g MRSMA 0114 SAUSAGE ROLL Good 120gm 20's NAPIE
1152-12-12 PIE BYO Steak Premium 12x240g MRSMA 0115 SAUSAGE ROLL Jumbo 170gm 20's NAPIE
MACLOPIE PIE Chick Louisiana 175g 12's@ MRSMA 5642 SAUSAGE ROLL Jumbo Pat 24x120g PATTI
33-1050-12-12 PIE Chilli Beef/ChseMrsMac12s MRSMA 1218 SAUSAGE ROLL Kingsize 24x180gm 4'N'T
676 PIE Chunky Chick/Veg 12x200gm 4'N'T 1622-24-12 SAUSAGE ROLL LITE'N UP 120G MRSMA
1276-12-12 PIE Gluten Free Beef 12x175gm MRSMA 01688 SAUSAGE ROLL Mix Veg 12x220gm HERBE
MACMNCPIE PIE MacnChsenBacon  175g 12's@ MRSMA 1217 SAUSAGE ROLL Snack 4NT24x125gm 4'N'T
1211 PIE Meat Aussie Lite 175gx24's 4'N'T 33-1092-18-12 SAUSAGE ROLL Spin/Ricotta 18's MRSMA

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