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Fresh Seafood
2108 Frsh B/Gren 140grmPTN AQUA 1021 Frsh Oyster S.A Open Sml Doz AQUA
9626 Frsh Anchovie White 2KG ITALY AQUA 1187 Frsh Prawn QLD Green U10 RW AQUA
5207 Frsh B/Gren Filt600/800 S/OnRW AQUA 1183 Frsh Prawn Wh Green Tigr U8 RW AQUA
5198 Frsh B/GrenFilt600/800 S/OffRW AQUA 5293 Frsh PWN Wh G  Banana 20/30 5k AQUA
5286 Frsh Barra 170-180grm PTN AQUA 5335 Frsh Rckling 170-180grm S/Off AQUA
5392 Frsh Barra PTN  Skin on 150grm AQUA 5405 Frsh RckLing 190-200grm S/Off AQUA
5599 Frsh Barra PTN 190-220grm S/On AQUA 5379 Frsh Rckling Fillet S/Off AQUA
5046 Frsh Barra S/on 1.5kg AvW/OnRW AQUA 6537 Frsh Salad Seawd JapWakMix 2kg AQUA
4718 Frsh Barra S/On W/Off 1.2kg AQUA 5116 Frsh Salmon 170-180grm S/on AQUA
5428 Frsh Barra S/On W/On 1.2kg AQUA 5689 Frsh Salmon 170-180grm S/On NZ AQUA
5267 Frsh Barra Whole 3-4kg Avg RW AQUA 5101 Frsh Salmon 190-200grm S/on AQUA
7332 Frsh Barra Whole 3-4kg AvHD RW AQUA 9838 Frsh Salmon AT Whole 4-5kg TAS AQUA
5269 Frsh Barra Whole 400-600grm AQUA 5265 Frsh Salmon Fillet S/On R/W AQUA
4711 Frsh Blue Eye 190-200grm S/on AQUA 5119 Frsh Salmon Fillet S/On R/W XL AQUA
2060 Frsh Clam Diamond1kg Pack (NZ) AQUA 9749 Frsh Salmon Kng Filt 1.2kgNZRW AQUA
4639 Frsh Crab Meat 454grm AQUA 6490 Frsh Salmon Roe Caviar 300grm AQUA
2762 Frsh Crayfish/Lobster Local KG AQUA 4729 Frsh Sardines Fillet Pt LincRW AQUA
4721 Frsh Dory Filllet 150-200gr RW AQUA 2036 Frsh Sardines Head/Gutted 500g AQUA
5248 Frsh Filt Rck/ling 1kg Av S/On AQUA 5310 Frsh Snap Baby Filet S/on 100g AQUA
6006 Frsh Fish Bones Ass Spec White AQUA 5253 Frsh Snaper Filllet 500-800grm AQUA
5055 Frsh Flake 100-110grm PTN R/W AQUA 4593 Frsh Snapper 170-180grm S/on AQUA
7434 Frsh Flake 110-120grm S/OFF AQUA 4798 Frsh Snapper 190-200grm S/on AQUA
5211 Frsh Flake Fillet S/off  RW AQUA 1249 Frsh Snapper Fillet S/On 1-2kg AQUA
9981 Frsh Flake Gummy Flt Sk/Off RW AQUA 5284 Frsh Snapper Ruby Fillet RW AQUA
5204 Frsh Flathd Filt S/offB/LSS RW AQUA 6659 Frsh Snapper W/Baby 400-600gRW AQUA
5302 Frsh Garfish B/Fly (100-150grm AQUA 5236 Frsh Snapper Whole Local 4-5kg AQUA
4759 Frsh J/Dory 150-200grm S/on AQUA 5075 Frsh Sword 170-180grm S/Off AQUA
2034 Frsh Mussel CKD 1kg Vac PK NZ AQUA 5076 Frsh Sword 190-200grm S/Off AQUA
2006 Frsh Mussels 1kg VAC PK(TAS) AQUA 5082 Frsh Swordfish loin S/off R/W AQUA
2003 Frsh Mussels Black kg (VIC) AQUA 5241 Frsh Trev Fillet 200-300grm RW AQUA
1023 Frsh Oyster NSW Open Lrg Doz AQUA 5296 Frsh Trevally S/off 200-300grm AQUA
1026 Frsh Oyster S.A Closed Med Doz AQUA 5081 Frsh Trout HOGG 500grm AVG AQUA
1022 Frsh Oyster S.A Open Med Doz AQUA 5074 Frsh Tuna Loin S/Off Sashimi AQUA

Our Distribution Area

With warehouses in Echuca and Melbourne we can service a large area of Victoria and southern NSW.

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Welcome to Cadell
With an extensive range of over 4500 frozen, chilled and dry product lines and a buying power that is supported by the Countrywide National Network, this family owned and operated business servicing Central Victoria and the Melbourne area should be the first choice for all your Food Service needs.


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