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28 Feb 2020

Try This: Smoking

flavoursome rubs and little imagination


You can still smoke in the kitchen with new techniques, flavoursome rubs and a little imagination. Here are four things to know when smoking.

1. Meats

While you can smoke most meats, some of the best cuts are those that are often not favoured for more delicate dishes. Try brisket, ribs, mature chicken and wild pork in a smoker for tender and sweet flavours. If you want to try game meats, brine them first to make sure they don’t dry out. 

2. Woodchip

Mild woods like apple, peach and cherry are best for lighter meats such as poultry or pork. For something a bit stronger try hickory, pecan, oak or ironbark which work well with pork, beef and game meats. While manuka will give your dishes a musky and sweet finish.

3. Rubs

A dry rub can lift the flavour and intensity of your smoked meats to a new level. Memphis rubs create a sticky and slightly chilli flavour to ribs while lemon-pepper complements smoked chicken perfectly and coffee brings out the best in a brisket.

4. Sides

What you serve beside your smoked meats is just as important as the cut you choose. Give your entire meal an American feel with a crunchy slaw, tangy potato salad or a rich mac ’n’ cheese.

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