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01 Nov 2019

The Instagrammable Kitchen

Instagram is a great way to showcase your business

Instagram is a great way to showcase your business and engage with customers.
Here’s how five businesses get the most from this free tool:

1. Colour

Taco Bell has reinvigorated its brand by adding bold splashes of colour to their Instagram feed. The concept is simple and easy to replicate, but eye-catching and effective.



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2. Shock value

This image makes it clear what you’ll get exactly when you visit The Shed BBQ. Its shock value will attract the right customers to their door.



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3. Symbols

Create a symbol that customers want to Instagram, like Cafe Kitsune that has cafes in Paris, Tokyo and Seoul. Their fox is used in biscuits, chocolates, and wall features and photographed and shared by customers all around the world.



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4. Beauty

Beauty attracts people. Customers will flock to your restaurant to eat (and photograph) dishes that are almost too beautiful to eat, like this seafood platter from Ester Restaurant.



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5. Cook

Show your chefs in action and whet your customer’s appetite at the same time. Don’t you feel like eating one of these spicy vadas from Madras Brothers right now?



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