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07 Nov 2019

Throwback: Christmas food memories

It’s not often that you see goose on a menu, especially not at Christmas time in Australia. But close your eyes and imagine you’re in Provence in 1970. The scent of roasting goose fills the air as the crisp, golden bird is the centrepiece of Julia Child’s Christmas feast, served to her guests, renowned food writer, M.F.K. Fisher, and American cook, James Beard. 


Stuffed with chestnuts, prunes, pork sausage and a hint of brandy, it’s rich, indulgent and ever so moist. Julia’s goose was braised first to keep the meat tender and flavourful before roasting it to crispen the skin. The dish is paired with potatoes and red cabbage that have been cooked with a generous serve of goose fat to complement the flavours and add to the decadence of the meal. In your hand is a glass filled with a heady blend of rum, Dubonnet, a sweet wine-based aperitif, and vermouth. 



It’s a Christmas worth remembering. While goose may not be popular anymore, the decadence of this classic French meal could be replicated with duck or pheasant. 

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