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10 Mar 2020

Best of 5: Chocolate

Easter is the perfect time to indulge in chocolate and if you’re going to cook with chocolate then do it with the best. Here are five of the finest quality chocolates available now.

1. Michel Cluizel Noir de Cacao 72%

Bitter and intense sum up this decadent chocolate. With woody and liquorice notes its flavour lingers on your tongue a long time after the chocolate has melted.

2. Success, gold and white couverture chocolate

With a high percentage of cocoa butter, this premium couverture chocolate made by Cadbury offers a smooth mouthfeel and easily melts making it suitable for a wide range of desserts and garnishes.

3. The Smooth Chocolator, Belize 70%

This Geelong-based bean to bar producer has created a silky bar with hints of honey, apricot and malty undertones. It’s luscious on the tongue and made from certified organic beans from Belize.

4. Hunted + Gathered, Madagascar 70%

Featuring cacao from Madagascar, this bar only has three ingredients proving simpler is better. With hints of red fruits, toffee and oats this divine chocolate is also dairy and gluten-free.

5. Auro Chocolate, 70% Dark, Tupi Origin

Meticulously crafted with beans from a single estate in the Philippines, this distinctive chocolate has notes of red wine, orange confit, dried mango and a hint of raisin.


[Easter is a perfect time to try some new chocolate recipes on the menu. Experiment with some handmade truffles, or spice up your hot chocolate! Recipes]


Michel Cluizel summer truffles -


Taza Cinammon Chocolate Horchata -

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